Why Work with PT.Toyota-Astra Motor

For PT.Toyota-Astra Motor, Human Resources (HR) are assets and the main factors that determine the company's success. PT.Toyota-Astra Motor fosters long-term mutually beneficial work relationships so that bonds and a sense of togetherness grow between employees and the company to jointly realize sustainable improvement in welfare.

Why must join with PT. Toyota-Astra Motor

Sebagai perusahaan dengan market share tertinggi di Indonesia, Toyota percaya bahwa Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) memainkan peran yang sangat penting.
Karena itulah, Toyota selalu mengedepankan peran dan pengembangan SDM melalui hubungan kerja yang saling menguntungkan,
demi terciptanya rasa kebersamaan dan kepercayaan yang berkelanjutan.

Dengan prinsip Continuous Improvement dan Respect for People, Toyota mampu membangun dan mempertahankan pencapaian bisnis otomotif
dengan penjualan terbaik, di Indonesia. Kekuatan SDM dan prinsip inilah yang membawa Toyota
semakin siap dalam menghadapi perubahan menjadi perusahaan mobilitas.

Learning & Development

To develop the quality of our human resources and create the Best People , we commit to keep improving our learning culture. This commitment is manifested in a series of hard skill and soft skill trainings through employee development program. Employees are also welcome to join forums, workshops and other activities to keep developing personal skills.

International Exposure

As a way of development, we often send employees who meet certain requirements to work and learn in Global Affiliate Toyota.

Great Working Environment

For employees’ ease and well-being, we provide various health benefits, integrated sport center and office facilities to support employees’ comfort, happiness and productivity. Each employee also has a chance to work and learn in Toyota’s various business units, which includes marketing, area, logistic, aftersales, product development, finance, and human resource.

Rewards & Benefits

Rewards and benefits are always awarded to each employee, depending on personal achievement and performance. We also provide structured remuneration package, as well as comprehensive facilities.


With large value chain all over Indonesia, Toyota employees are able to expand their network to achieve Best in Town Dealership and Best Business Process .


We are always actively involved in newest technology to develop Toyota products and improve business processes.

Great Culture

To maintain business stability, we implement the Kaizen Spirit, or Continuous Improvement , where employees are challenged to share creative ideas for mutual improvement and innovation. We also prioritize ‘Respect for People’ both inside and outside of work scope. Through various programs, such as TFG (Toyota Fun Gathering), Best Employee, Haji Selection, Home Tournament, and Years of Service Award, we are able to nurture harmonious relationships with and among employees.

PT. Toyota-Astra Motor

Contribute to the nation and society through professional working practice with high-quality products and services to customers.

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