A: Make sure you meet the required requirements first. Then you can create a candidate’s account register here. After creating a candidate’s account, please choose the Job Vacancy that is currently open (List of Vacancies currently open can be seen here). Next, please follow the directions to fill out personal data and complete the required documents). Announcement of candidates passing the administrative stage will be announced according to the determined time.
A: If your application is successfully submitted, we will review your profile. Only candidates with qualifications that meet the requirements will be invited to the next process. Information and invitations will be sent via notification in the recruitment system and your email. We ask that you can periodically open your recruitment system & mailbox e-mail.
A: In general, the recruitment process will last for 1-2 months, from the psychological test until candidates is declared to have passed the final selection and become an employee of PT.Toyota-Astra Motor. If you haven't gotten the result of selection, please contact our contact center here.
A: Administration selection based on general qualifications, Psychology test, HR Interview, User Interview Division, Medical Check Up (MCU), Screening Documents & Offering. If you have already passed the final stage of Screening Documents & Offering, then you will be invited to attend HR Induction. HR induction is an in-class training regarding the company's basic information, you will be explained about Company Profile, Company Organizational Structure, New Employee Development Program, etc.
A: Free! Beware of fraud in employee recruitment mode on behalf of PT Toyota-Astra Motor. We never asked any fees and not collaborate with travel & travel agents in the recruitment process. Make sure the invitation email you receive is from noreply.recruitment@toyota.astra.co.id
A: The selection results will be announced via notification in the recruitment system and your email
A: Psychological test participants who do not qualify for registration can re-apply after 1 year
A: Our head office is located in Sunter - North Jakarta, but we also have other offices in Cibitung and Karawang
A: Explanation on this matter will be delivered by HR when the candidate has reached the final selection stage, namely Screening Documents & Offering.
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